Conscious Care plans is a listening service with integrative lifestyle assessments to help your mind, body and soul

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Conscious Care plans is a listening service with integrative lifestyle assessments to help your mind, body and soul

About Whole Care Coach  mind, body and spirit health education

Our services offer a Clinical Chaplain led Interdisciplinary approach care delivery.  We offer clients conscious care listening support, information, and education about your overall wellness. Whole Care Coaches and this website are for educational purposes only.  Chaplain Allison as a Whole Care Coach, and her affiliates are health care educators. This service is not medical, psychiatric or psychological advice or evaluation. We do not advise you, nor do we provide medical diagnosis or related treatment.  This is a ‘safe space’ as a confidential listening service, coaching, and health educator service that is integrative to mind, body and spirit lifestyle, and wellness. We do make general clinical referrals when appropriate. Clinical and medical-related questions should be directed to your primary healthcare provider. This is not clinical therapy.

Chaplain Allison Ryan Powell
Dr. Elaine Reedy
PhD, Health Psychologist
Dr. Tommie Richardson
MD, Specialties are Behavioral Health, Addiction and Preventive Medicine
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Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you've got heaven and earth and all creation.
You're a world - everything is hidden in you.

The Strongest People Are Those Who Win Battles We Know Nothing About

Comprehensive listening

We help you engage your inner self and with your goals we help you analyze your words, messages of what you do and why you do it for your self-improvement and success.

Therapeutic listening

We care about people; we offer potential helpful and healing recommendations to guide you to see various perspectives. We validate your voice.

We are a listening service, when you need someone to talk to

Informal listening

Whole care coaches listens to you informally. We engage you in learning how to have improved listening to your personal heart matters.

Discriminative listening

Discriminative listening uses tone of voice, verbal cues, and other changes in sound. Buddy listeners are skilled in the action reflection action process.

Biased listening

Our listeners are trained in understanding how selective listening, bias, projections, situations or emotions can lead to distortions of facts.

We are a coaching service to guide you or your organizational culture toward ‘whole care’ that is an integrated lifestyle that strengthens one’s mind, body and spirit.

How Skilled Listening Works For You

Skilled listening and engagement helps people understand that they can do something to improve their situation. That leads to changes that enhance healthy behavior, whether it’s improving relationships, expressing emotions better, doing better at work or school, or thinking more positively

The workings of our inner thoughts, mind, body and spirit are complex and marvelously complicated. We coach people from all walks of life. Our approach is respectful and welcoming always.

We support ordinary people, employees, and families that live and work in everyday community spaces. We support all types of people, the altruistic, LGBTQI, Veterans, those with a religious affiliation or beliefs, including those who profess to have no belief, some belief, spirituality, religion, hybrid faith or indifference.

Whole Care Coaches provides HIPPA compliant ‘safe’ virtual space and conscious care to help the client listen to personal goals, engage in mind-spirit-body which is whole care discovery. We use clinical listening skills and evaluation techniques to journey with you to explore, as a coach, your desired goals, interventions and plans of action which aids in your successful coping, living and resilience.  There are a variety of whole care coach plans to explore for every budget.

Our listening experts are non-judgmental, compassionate care supporters. We offer 1:1 coach sessions, offer holistic listening, education, discovery, evaluation, and customized action plans to equip you with greater consciousness towards your positive wellness goals.

Additionally, listening care and conscious care are synonymous terms. Listening Care plans contributes to an integrative lifestyle with various assessments options which allows clients to become educated about your body’s’ strengths, weakness’ through a patented synergistic process wellness body assessment. The process uses science 

We listen carefully, value your personal and fragile sharing’s about you and your situation. We are trained to make referrals and invite you to pursue other clinical or community resources  to get you the help you need when appropriate

Our skilled coaches are skilled listeners, educators and provide holistic informational resources that can aid to new discovery about you.  We want you to live a satisfying enthusiastic, abundant life.  We cannot guarantee you will feel better. We offer partnership for you to work on ‘self’ to take you out of isolation and invite you to journey towards wholeness. Many find our process, enlightening, helpful and healing and find the process adds resilience to their life for increased education, information, coping, and satisfaction. 

Our listening service sessions with your Whole Care Coach are a three-part approach:

Part One is a discovery and initial evaluation process with our specialized listeners. After the signing of various forms, new clients share personal goals, and we help clients identify personal healing priorities. 

This is the first step to ‘self-care’ journey into a process that enables you to explore, gain education, information, reflection, mindfulness, and awareness about how you process feelings and situations.  These are the pressures that affect your balance, inner spirit, resilience and emotional health during your daily living.

Some people get what they need in a few listening sessions. Some are referred to other clinical and community resources. Others may choose to experience deeper reflection commitments to do more self-care work with our deeper whole care coach conscious care options.

Part 2 – Part two is a secondary listening process that engages you in several possible approaches and assessments based on the type of sessions you purchased.

Our clients will engage in learning how to listen to internal senses, physical senses, and begin to address the mind, body and spirit approach in your session. You will sharpen emotional senses, by being invited to examine deeper feelings of coping and resilience

Our approach may feel like a mind, body and/or a spirit detox or an emotional cleansing.” It can serve as a helpful place of awareness, intervention that can lead to a plan of care. Clients say the experience is enlightening, helpful and healing.

Your specialized listeners are non-judgmental, mindful of triggers, and other human frailties that may surface.  Our trained listeners are compassionate in listening care and when appropriate sometimes one is invited to receive referrals to other clinicians for deeper fragile care engagement.

For some, clients are satisfied with these two parts of whole care coaching. Others seek more comprehensive process’ with our self-care discovery process. Part three offers physical engagement towards greater healing and wholeness with an invitation to gain education and information about your physical body.  Our physical body detox program is our Body Reboot Conscious Care program.

Some clients purchase the Integrative Lifestyle Assessment Listening. The body reboot program through the Integrative Lifestyle Assessment listening is a comprehensive look at your mind, body and spirit. It will change the way you listen and care for your body. In one session, the body reboot educates you from the inside out, you will be on the best wellness plan to change the way your body runs.



State-of-the-art technology and personalized coaching are the foundation for building your customized BRP.  Within minutes the computer will give you a comprehensive health and wellness assessment. 

The BRP uses coaching, HeartMath, De-Stress, Hunter, and WebWellness to gather information about your body function and behavior. Data from these sources are used to create a customized wellness program.  

Choose one of our Six-pillars of informational and educational care:

1.Mental health/wellness,





6.COVID/”Spikopathy” compromised health affecting your physical recovery and resilience.

Are you ready for a body reboot?


Conscious Caring means being present, really connecting with yourself and people around you. This helps people manage stress and be able to step outside their situation and see the bigger picture.

Spikopathy is a term used by physicians at the April 2020 International COVID Summit Team in France.

It entails including the practice of inclusion to use natural vitamin supplement regimens of detoxification and elimination in moderation within the body to aid in support and help those with compromised health as result of COVID19, vaccine reactions, and for the non-vaccinated lifestyle.

Our listening specialists offers Integrative Lifestyle Assessments and specialized listening sessions to help people to gain education, information, customized vitamin supplement regimen plans based on science and technology. 

Improve Your Mental Fitness

Our Conscious Care Plans

TBA /Hourly

Individual 1:1 Listening Sessions

TBA /Hourly

1:1 Conscious Care listening
(Spirit, mind and satisfactions)

TBA /Hourly

Integrative Lifestyle Assessment

TBA /Hourly

1:1 Comprehensive Conscious Care Plan (Mind, Spirit and Body)

$85.00 /Hourly

Individual 1:1 Listening Sessions

$299.00 /Hourly


$299.00 /Hourly


$599.00 /Hourly


Specialized Services:
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